狛犬ではなく狛ライオン?でしょうか笑(愛知県千種区姫池通 骨董買取 古美術風光舎)












といいますか、みなさまに確認ですがこちらは「狛ライオン」でいいですよね笑。少し見方を変えますと、Lisa Larsonのライオンにも似ていなくもないのですが。








ですので、このLisa Larsonのライオン似の狛ライオンのとても親しみやすく、遭遇しましたら絶対みなさん笑いだすくらいのいい表情もいいんですよね。とにもかくにも、最近見た狛犬?狛ライオンの中で忘れられないインパクトのある2体でした。







Hello, this is Staff Y.


Today was a bit too hot to be refreshing…. I am starting to worry about heat stroke. It seems to be a good idea to sweat slowly to get used to the heat, so I decided to go for a walk today to try sweating a little.


Today, I strolled around the Nanzan neighborhood, one of the most exclusive residential areas in Nagoya. I had a nice encounter there. That’s how it is with people I want to meet. It always happens out of the blue like this.


I think they are not komainu (guardian dogs), but komaina (guardian lions). If you like shrines, you must check out komainu. I have my own checklist of things to look for in a komainu, such as the expression on their faces, their fur, their pose, etc. When I went to the komainu to check them out, I was surprised to see a komainu? I went to the komainu to check their expressions, fur, poses, etc. I found that they were komainu? No, they were actually komainu lions.

I was just checking to see if it was a lion or a dog, but it turned out to be a lion. It looks a bit like Lisa Larson’s lion, if you look at it in a different way.


I have done some research on komainu before. Komainu are animal-shaped statues placed at shrines mainly to ward off evil spirits, and although most of them are now stone statues, in the past they were mostly made of wood.

There are various theories about the origin of komainu, with one theory claiming that they originated from the Egyptian sphinx and another that when Buddhism was introduced to Japan, the custom of placing two lions in front of a statue of Buddha was also introduced. Over time, these lions came to be placed in palaces, temples, and shrines. The lion is usually open-mouthed, while the guardian dog is usually closed-mouthed with horns on its head. The lion is usually open-mouthed, while the komainu is closed-mouthed and has horns on its head.

However, this is the way the komainu are presented. There are no clear rules for what a “komainu” should look like.

So, Lisa Larson’s lion-like guardian lions are very friendly and have a nice expression on their faces that will definitely make you laugh when you encounter them. Anyway, this is one of the most unforgettable guardian lions I have seen recently. They were two of the most unforgettable and impressive guardian lions I have seen in recent years.


If you would like to see these two komainu, please stroll around the Nanzan area with a pleasant spring breeze on your cheeks and try to spot them.


Have a good day.




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